FLEx Lighting announces commercial launch of ultra-thin Front Light Panels for reflective displays

September 1, 2016 (Chicago, IL) – FLEx Lighting (www.flexlighting.com), a world leader in innovative lighting solutions, has launched a new line of commercial front light panels for use with reflective displays including reflective LCDs and e-paper.  FLEx’s front light panels are 10-20x thinner than comparable light guides and offer over 100x energy savings compared to backlighting.



The FLEx Front Light Panel (FLP) optical film is designed to integrate to the front surface of reflective displays to provide on-demand lighting in low ambient light conditions. FLEx’s FLP incorporates only a single LED and uses the reflective nature of the display to provide the most energy efficient solution in the display marketplace.


Key advantages includes over 100x power savings compared to backlighting, superior optical clarity through the thin 50µm optical film, and a flexible form factor to support tomorrow’s flexible displays.  The flexible film also allows for the optical components to be placed in a variety of implementations, depending on the product designers constraints.  This includes wrapping the LED behind the display to create a bezel-free design.


FLP power savings graph small


“The unique challenge of front lighting is that you are placing a light source directly between the viewer and the display so any bulky piece of plastic will hide the beautiful display under it,” said Mike Casper, President of FLEx Lighting.  “FLEx’s front light panel is an optical film no thicker than the top polarizer of the display so its imperceptible to the user.  This solution finally enables reflective LCDs to reach their full potential as the most optimal display solution for battery conscious applications.”


The initial product line-up from FLEx includes front light panels that integrate with several Sharp Memory LCDs (including the 1.26″, 1.28″, 1.33″ color, 2.7″ and 3.2″), JDI reflective LCDs (including 1.28″ color, 1.34″ color, 1.39″ color, and 2.7″ color) and e-paper displays from Pervasive Display and E Ink ranging from 1.44″ to 3.2″ in size.  FLEx’s front light panels are optically bonded to these displays and can be provided as a fully integrated solution for customers who seek ultra-low power consumption with the highest quality display clarity for their products.


For more information about these front light panels or to request a sample, contact FLEx Lighting at 773-295-0305.  Additional product inquiries can also be made through local sales representatives – Oasis Sales, TriStar Sales and Matrix Design in the U.S. or Electro-Source in Canada.