FLEx develops two new Front Light Panel products

The past few months have been an exciting time here at FLEx.  Not only have we have added significant depth and expertise to our growing team, but we are also proud to announce the development of two new Front Light Panel products.


We have come to believe even more firmly that the growing multi-billion dollar groundswell of new mobile, portable and wearable electronic devices and displays represents the single greatest market for our FLEx technology and lighting solutions.  A new type of display called Reflective LCD is growing dramatically in importance due to its low power attributes and its readability in high light and outdoor conditions (contrast this with trying to read an iPhone in bright sunlight).  Currently in mass-production for black and white, with color close behind, these displays are poised to take major display market share.


One of the issues that Reflective LCDs face today is readability in dimly lit environments.  All alternative solutions to this problem are far inferior – much higher power, more LEDs, less optically clear and/or requiring significantly more vertical clearance – all highly undesirable qualities for the small, mobile, battery powered product designs in this new class of electronics.  FLEx’s technology has fixed this problem through the use of ultra thin, low power, front light displays.


As a result, we have increased our focus on our front light panels over the past 18 months. We have developed two new products, a 1.3” and a 2.7” Front Light Panel (FLP), both of which are compatible with Sharp’s line of Reflective LCDs and which together cover a broad cross section of the smaller displays that dominate this emerging market.


The possibilities for which products could use the front light panel range from portable medical devices and electronic wallets to smart watches. To enhance our productivity we have partnered with a multi-billion dollar electronics and fabrication company to give us both production credibility and the ability to scale to major production volumes as we grow.


We are excited here at FLEx to see what the rest of the year has in store for us and for our customers.