What’s ahead for FLEx Lighting in 2013: Wearable Electronics, Healthcare, Mobile and more

2013 will be a big year for FLEx Lighting. We’ve been in the fast-paced technology industry for almost a decade. Like a lot of other technology companies we’ve commercialized our patented technology in several products over the past few years.


As more companies are looking for customization and differentiation in 2013, FLEx’s strong brand name in the front light market has brought us several new opportunities outside of the e-reader space and into the smaller e-paper and reflective LCD products.  These new projects include:


— Watches/wearable electronics: This will be a fun industry to watch. Check out this watch from another Chicago-based company:  the CST-01
— Athletic/fitness devices
— Automotive interior lighting
— Home appliances
— Medical
— Military


These customers recognize FLEx’s unique ability to:

— Die-cut our front light product to match their product configurations,
— Maintain ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life, and
— Allow edgeless displays for differentiated form factors.


In addition to new product opportunities, we’ve announced our new office and laboratory space which allows us to continue our growth as a company. We’re making high-tech products right in downtown Chicago! And we’ve aligned ourselves with top business leaders – many are members of our Board of Managers and Board of Advisors.


FLEx is in a great position to illuminate the path for tomorrow’s products and grow as a firm. Stay tuned for updates as we continue our quest to bring new lighting solutions to life.


Mike Casper

President, FLEx Lighting