FLEx Lighting Releases First Public Prototype of e-Reader Front Light

December 13, 2011 (Chicago) – Chicago-based FLEx Lighting (flexlighting.com), an innovative lighting company, released a public presentation of their groundbreaking front light for e-reader displays today.  Their demonstration proves that e-reader users are finally able to read in the dark and manufacturers can now bring color e-readers to life.


FLEx Lighting has been developing the world’s thinnest film-based light guides for several years and has recently perfected their use with e-reader devices.  FLEx’s e-reader front light is 10 times thinner than other front lights and only uses 1-2 LEDs to keep power consumption extremely low.


“FLEx is extremely excited to release a public demonstration of the new lighting product we’ve been developing over the past several years,” said FLEx President Mike Casper.  “FLEx’s solution will be available to all e-reader devices and will provide the first embedded lighting system that maintains long battery life, is easy on the eyes, and enhances the overall reading experience.”


The FLEx video demonstration created a lightning fast buzz from industry writers and experts.  Amar Toor from Engadget praised FLEx’s solution, saying ‘it creates the ‘soft glow’ that many predecessors have thus far failed to replicate.’ Ari Robertson from TheVerge said FLEx’s ‘early demonstration shows its potential for e-reader integration.’


See the video demonstration at http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/14/flex-lightings-led-film-will-brighten-your-e-reader-mood-vide/. The FLEx Lighting team will be holding private demonstrations of the new e-reader front light at the 2012 CES show in January.