The World's thinnest and most flexible LED Light Guide Film

Revolutionizing the design and function of consumer electronic devices, medical devices and reflective displays. How it works »

The Only One of Its Kind.

FLEx’s new lighting system creates an illuminated film for crystal clear front lighting of
reflective displays or efficient back lighting for transmissive displays.

FLEx Illuminated Optical Film

FLEx’s light guide film is completely invisible when turned off yet produces a soft, uniform glow for front lighting reflective displays.

Rich Color Enhancement

FLEx’s system can incorporate the full RGB color spectrum to enhance both color and monochrome reflective displays.

Fewer LEDs

FLEx’s system uses significantly fewer LEDs than traditional edge lighting and does not require a mixing region. This results in the thinnest and most compact display lighting technology available.

Integrates with Touch

The FLEx film can easily integrate with touch films and can laminate directly onto the reflective display.

FLEx Illuminated Optical Film

FLEx’s light guide film replaces the heavy, rigid, and thick plates behind the LCD screen in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even televisions.

Fewer LEDs

FLEx’s system uses significantly fewer LEDs than traditional edge lighting and does not require a mixing region--this results in the thinnest and most compact display lighting technology available.

Features & Benefits

  • Thin Film

    Our light guide film can be as thin as 50 microns, yet our optical technology allows it to attach to the most common LEDs on the market.

  • RGB Color-mixing

    FLEx’s system uniformly distributes and color-mixes LED light before channeling it into the display area. This method creates more vivid colors and allows for color tuning.

  • Energy Efficient

    FLEx’s efficient lighting system requires only a small number of LEDs supporting the long battery lifetimes for reflective displays.

  • Energy Efficient

    With increased optical efficiency and a reduced number of LEDs, FLEx’s lighting system can save up to 15% of back light energy consumption in mobile devices.

  • Flexible

    The thin, plastic light guide maintains uniform lighting even if rolled up on a pencil, making edgeless and flexible displays a reality.

  • Edgeless

    FLEx’s proprietary light mixing region can be curved away from the edge, eliminating the need for a frame to cover hot spots of traditional edge lighting.

Technology Comparison

  • Traditional Direct Lighting

    Direct lighting uses an array of LEDs and requires substantial thickness and/or a high number of LEDs to create a uniform light.

  • Traditional Edge Lighting

    Edge lighting places a line of LEDs along the edges of a plastic plate. This system allows fewer LEDs than direct lighting but requires a thicker frame to cover the hot spots along the border.

  • FLEx Lighting

    FLEx Lighting uses up to 80% fewer LEDs than direct and edge lighting and does not require a light-mixing region. This results in the highest performance and most compact LED lighting technology available.


FLEx Lighting’s front light panels are designed to provide illumination for reflective LCDs (including Sharp® Memory LCDs), transflective LCDs and reflective e-paper displays.

  • 1.3" Front Light Panel
  • 2.7" Front Light Panel

For Watches and Small Displays

The FLEx 1.3” front light panel is designed to mate directly with reflective displays in the 1.1”‐1.5” size range. This front light film is optically bonded to a display, incorporates a single LED with ultra‐low power consumption and offers minimal ‘z’ dimension impact for thin product designs. See video below.


The Game Has Changed.

Cutting-edge lighting enhances the user experience.

FLEx Lighting Applications

  • Consumer Electronics

    • Smartphone back lighting
    • Tablet back lighting
    • e-Reader illumination
    • Reflective display illumination
    • Flexible display back lighting
    • Keyboard keys (illuminating logos on devices)
  • General Illumination

    • Architectural lighting
    • Residential lighting
    • Automotive interior lighting
    • Luminaire designs
    • Invisible lighting fixtures
    • Flexible lighting panel
    • Accent lighting
    • Retrofit fluorescent panel replacement
  • Portable Electronic Devices

    • Portable medical devices (i.e. glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, oxygen concentrator)
    • Wearable medical devices (i.e. insulin pump, chemotherapy pump, temperature sensors)
    • Fitness monitors
    • GPS devices
    • Smart devices (i.e. smartphone-enabled watch)
  • Military

    • Cockpit display back lighting
    • e-Paper information display front lighting
    • Cabin and cockpit lighting
    • Surveillance or covert mode lighting
    • Tablet computer back lighting
    • Landing aids
    • Rollable lighting
    • Wearable display lighting
    • Retail

      • Storefront window signage
      • Point-of-Sale displays in grocery and convenience stores
      • Glass door beverage coolers (both stand alone and in convenience stores)
      • Grocery freezer door signage
      • Aisle signage
      • Register toppers
      • Table tents
      • Menu board backlighting
      • Kiosks
      • Wayfinding signs

      Other Signage

      • Outdoor storefront
      • Billboard lighting
      • Street sign lighting
      • Transit graphics backlights
      • Event signage
      • Trade show signage

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Film Light Experts.

FLEx Lighting is a Chicago-based technology company and is the world leader in innovative lighting solutions.

  • About FLEx

    Founded in 2004, FLEx has pushed the limits in pursuit of the world's thinnest lighting system using LEDs and thin film. With immediate uses in consumer electronic displays and retail signage, the FLEx ultra-thin and transparent illuminated film can be customized for a wide range of applications. Years of light guide research and development has helped FLEx build an international patent portfolio that is ever expanding as the company continues to pursue the frontier of illuminated films. This technology has also allowed FLEx to launch the InvisiSign(TM) Cooler Signage System, an innovative retail sign applied to the glass doors of frozen food and beverages to draw attention to the products on the shelves. Find out more at invisisign.com

  • Collective Experience

    FLEx’s management and technical team brings over 50 years of experience in lighting, specialty optics design, and international business. We continue to expand our team by adding only the highest quality people.

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