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InvisiSign, digitally printed custom LED signs on crystal clear film

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The InvisiSign™ is the first LED illuminated sign that looks like a neon sign yet is digitally customizable to fit your logo, promotional text, or image. FLEx Lighting's proprietary software and LED lighting method can take your digital art and transform it to an invisible print on a clear film. Although see-through when off, this image becomes a glowing bright sign when turned on. This allows you to grab your customers' attention without hindering their view to your product. Available in small or large quantity orders.

Standard Package

  • Customized digital image
  • Single color LEDs (Available Colors: white, red, green, blue, amber, red-orange, and royal blue)
  • Hanging enclosure (two high-tension wires with closed figure eight hooks)
  • Standard wall plug (12’)

Custom Design Options

  • Vertical and horizontal hanging banners
  • Freezer, cooler door and display cases
  • Window laminate signs
  • Dimming and flashing signs
  • Customizable backlighting of printed banners/signs
  • Battery operated for point-of-purchase displays

Mounting Options

  • Window cling or adhesive-backed laminates
  • Wire, chains, etc.
  • Velcro
  • Suction cups
  • Fully integrated